About us

HeyDay Europe Financial Technology was established in 2017 by, among others, Ralph Loop and Chantal Verhoeven. This based on the conviction that everyone in the Netherlands who, for whatever reason, needs financial care from a Professional Income Manager, should have access to a management account and living money account. Our society is, especially regarding personal finances not always simple. Together with our partners we make financial comfort possible via our BBC platform. Also we are familiar with the challenges and the dilemmas that Professional Income Managers in their sector face.

Our ambition is to ensure that vulnerable people in our society have access to the financial system. In addition, we encourage financial care organisations to share knowledge and experience for improving the financial interests of clients in care.   

System Integrator
We are a system integrator. We do not carry out any activities in the field of income or account management ourselves. These actions are reserved for the Professional Income Managers and our banking partner. We unlock our platform in collaboration with the current software suppliers of Professional Income Managers on the one hand and Banking Circle. Both worlds come together in our innovative platform.

We value good quality of our processes and systems. This is shown by our ISO certifications 9001 and 27001.