• BBC account is a care account exclusively for clients in financial care. 
  • On behalf of and at the request of clients in care, money can be received and payments be made via Client’s BBC Account managed by the Professional Income Manager of the client. 
  • The BBC account is a German IBAN and is facilitated by Banking Circle, our banking partner.
  • BBC accounts can be opened easily and quickly for all the clients of Professional Income Managers

Innovative platform
Through our platform, the innovative technology associated with the BBC accounts becomes accessible to many parties. This technology and method is not unique. It is proven technology that we are now making available in the Netherlands. In England, Scotland and Ireland, the finances of more than 1 million vulnerable citizens have been managed in this way on a daily basis by income managers for years. The experiences with this are undiminished positive.

Through our platform, Professional Income Manager and their clients can easily take advantage of the many benefits:

  • Professional Income Managers can easily and quickly access the clients care accounts;
  • Professional Income Managers connect to the platform via their own software supplier’s software.
  • Insight & Overview is easy for all parties involved.

To become a customer
Professional Income Managers enter into an agreement with us, HeyDay Europe Financial Technology and an agreement with our banking partner. If you meet our joint quality requirements, such as an AFM license to mediate, membership of a trade association and healthy business operations, you can join the BBC platform.

The BBC account belongs to the client. The monthly costs of the BBC account are in line with the costs of a regular bank account and are paid by the client.
The Professional Income Manager pays one-time implementation and acceptance costs and a periodic SLA fee per client. Feel free to contact us for more information.